We were lucky to have Barbara Britt host another mini event at her farm. She set up a lovely hunter derby course, which doubled for a jumper derby for the eventers. Much effort was put in to create a top notch course that incorporated all the elements of a hunter derby. There were stone walls, natural gates, and beautifully decorated fences. Barbara also setup her cross country course so the eventers could have a go at her challenging obstacles. And at the end of the day, we all sat down to BBQ and refreshments provided by the generous host.

course course2

We all need to thank Alexis Brown, Ian Perry who made the farm beautiful for the show. Lex designed the course, was judge, timer. Ian built all the XC jumps, not to mention all the mowing, dragging, to many jobs to list here. Brittany Eichler and Gary E Eichler for taking care of the food and drinks and numbering all the jumps and directions so nobody got lost on the XC course. Also, Sally Harvey, judge, show secretary who also mowed and planted flowers and provided the extra standards we needed to complete the course.

Carol sabra

Carol Ogden of In Rhythm won the novice jumper derby, just beating Sabra Tanner on Finnegan by one second.

miss kathy jake

Kathy Noffsinger on May I rocked the 2’6″ hunter derby course.  And our host, Barbara Britt, found time and energy to pilot Rio Viva around the beginner novice jumper course.

Barbie babrie

Barbie Beckford on Buddy zooming around the course without getting lost.  You can see the concentration on Barbie’s face as she watches the riders before her.  Also pictured is future eventer Aja and her owner Lish Koch.