Things are gearing up for our upcoming event camp on March 14-15 at The Oaks of Lake City.  Entry forms will be sent out via email in about a week.  Opening day is February 17th to enter.  (not before!!).  Preference will be given to current FHTA members.  Many, many of you have not renewed your membership for this year (and probably think you have!).  If you have any doubts, please contact me and I will let you know.  There are too many of you to individually contact, so if you want to keep your points active and/or want to attend camp, shoot me an email, and I will check to see if you are current.

Speaking of memberships, we have gotten several  new members recently – ranging from Valdosta, Ga. to Wellington, Fl.!!  I’d like to welcome all of you , and hope you will enjoy the benefits of belonging to our organization.   We are pleased to be  getting a lot of junior memberships as well  this year.  I want to thank those FHTA members who have volunteered at our Florida horse trials this season, and hope you will continue to support our organizers.

In the last newsletter, I mentioned that we will be getting a new eventing venue of Equiventures, in addition to the Ocala HT’s at the Florida Horse Park and Rocking Horse Stables.  Richard Trayford, of Equiventures, has purchased a beautiful piece of property (120 acres) in Orange Lake/Reddick  (the old vineyard property that’s been for sale –  for those of you who have lived here awhile and have seen it from Hwy 441 in Orange Lake ).  He is bringing in expert consultants to design and build a Beginner Novice through Preliminary course.  I have had the pleasure of touring the facility, and am very excited about the possibilities it holds.  It will be reseeded with the best turf  (a la Live Oak Plantation in Ocala!), and the first event will be held in March 2016.  It has some rolling hills to it, and some natural sites for water complexes, banks, and many other variations for an excellent cross country experience!  Stay tuned for more updates!

Speaking of horse trials, next weekend is the February Ocala HT’s at the Florida Horse Park.  If you can volunteer, please contact J J Johnson at

and let her know if you can work Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday.  They are running 500+ horses with 7 rings of dressage!  Rocking Horse the following weekend will be huge as well.  Events cannot run without volunteers, so please consider helping if you can.

Keep those scores coming in so I can keep things posted and up-to-date.  We are in mid-season now, and everyone is quite busy showing.  I hope all of you are having a good season so far.

Carol Ogden

President, FHTA, Inc.