We are very excited to offer our members an opportunity to enter a lottery for one of three $300 scholarships towards the entry fee for the inaugural Barnstaple Three Day Classic. Coming this November (16th-20th) in Morriston, Florida, Barnstaple will be hosting an educational program and unrecognized competition (starter through training) with the purpose of using the Classic Three-Day format to further the education of both the competitors and auditors. 

More information can be found on their website


You must be a current FHTA member to eligible for the drawing and be willing to share a daily blog of the experience to be share on FHTA’s social media. Drawing will be on Aug 29th, the day before opening day, scholarship is dependent on being accepted into event. We will draw two “reserve” names in case a winner is not able to compete in the event.

please fill out the below application for lottery.